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About Dr. Joe Carr

The name “Dr. Joe Carr” (Sports Psychologist) may not resonate with the casual sports fan, but the man is well recognized as an industry-leading Performance Coach and renowned Team Chemistry Builder within the basketball community.  He has worked with an extensive list of players at the professional level, including superstars like Allen Iverson, LeBron James, and Carmelo Anthony.

Dr. Carr also developed the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) rookie orientation program and, even at the collegiate level, he has helped struggling teams achieve consistent success, while helping esteemed programs win national championships. His approach towards teaching teams to overcome their self-imposed limitations is tried and true.

Dr. Carr also has experience in the corporate world. He has assisted multiple organizations with team-building exercises that promote synergy, teamwork and trust between a company’s personnel and allows each individual to understand their mission is greater than an individual goal.


“When players come in to a program I am working with, and we’re trying to put together direction, we want everybody to feel that the reason that we are putting people through whatever they’re being put through—whether that’s coaching, whether it’s X’s and O’s, or whether it’s classwork—we want them to think that they’re going to be R.A.R.E. And R.A.R.E. will be separating them from everyone else who they play against.”

“R.A.R.E. is our mantra, and that’s going to set the tone for culture,” said Dr. Carr. “R stands for Relationships; you know, establishing like a brotherhood, kind of a close-knit family. A stands for Accepting Challenges; getting people to handle tough things, tough times and experiences, and being able to do it at a high level. The next R stands for Recovery from Mistakes; having people that bounce back quicker and don’t dwell on situations. And E stands for Executing Coach’s Direction, so that each player has a blind trust in the coach and their teammates.”

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