Co-Creator of the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) “Rookie Transition Program”

  • The rookie transition program was designed to educate and empower incoming draftees to the pitfalls and opportunities that come with celebrity status.
  • The NBA Rookie Transition Program has since been emulated and duplicated by the NFL, NHL and MLB.

Developed a highly acclaimed program known as the “Mid-Court Roundtable” for Division I College Basketball programs which provides training for coach-player conflict resolution and team chemistry management.

Contributor to publications such as ESPN Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, San Francisco Chronicle, and Las Vegas Sun.

  • Has been the subject of feature articles in The New York Times and Forbes Magazine.

Developed the 1st multi-family therapy program within the Federal Bureau of Prisons system to prepare inmates nearing release for transition back into the community.

Was among the short list of candidates being considered for the position of “National Drug Czar” during the Clinton Presidential Administration.

Contracted by the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) Employee Assistance Program.